Songbird Floor Cleaning


Our standard cleaning includes the kitchen and living, as well as bathrooms and bedrooms.


When life get's busy we're here to help with food prepping, dog walking, grocery pick-up and more!


From baseboards to blinds our deep cleaning services will have your home spick 'n span!


Finding someone you can trust with your home is a big decision. That’s why I want to share a little bit about how Songbird Concierge & Cleaning got started.

For 10 years, I was a successful marketer in the corporate world working for major brands headquartered right here in Arizona—and like many of you, I put in 60-plus-hour work weeks. While thriving in my career and climbing the ladder, the day-to-day needs of my home life were often put on the back burner. Weekends that were once a time to spend with family had become a time to clean house and run errands. Weeknights that had once been all about homemade dinners and dogs walks, became time to squeeze in a few extra hours of work over takeout. Doctor’s appointments … Handyman visits … Car maintenance. Where was the time?

I was lucky though! I had a network of strong women who lifted each other up. We formed a bond through work that was challenging, rewarding and time-consuming, which also pushed us to take better care of one another and our families.

That’s how Songbird Concierge & Cleaning came to be. Those strong women, my colleagues, friends and neighbors needed an extra hand on the home front and I wanted to step up. So whatever you need, you can call on us to help out. From standard and green cleanings to meal prepping and dog walking, each time we visit your home we’ll custom tailor services to fit the needs of you and your family.

Wishing you health and happiness,

Rachel Elizabeth
Rachel Elizabeth
Owner, Organizer & Maid


Let Songbird Concierge & Cleaning bring health, happiness and a dash of cleanliness into your home and into the homes of your neighbors!